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  • Can I tint my front windows?

    There is no restriction to all windows in rear section but front driver and passenger side windows can't be tinted any more than 30%, legal limit for front windshield is only 25%. Most of the vehicles leave the factory with windows slightly tinted, so even with our lightest film it is most likely to go over the limit making your vehicle unsuitable for road use and cause your insurance policy to be invalid. All current regulations can be found at NIDirect Website.

  • How much time do I need to reserve?

    It depends on service you choose. For rear section window tinting it is around 4 hours, although this may take even longer with some of the models. For headlight tinting it takes much shorter amount of time.

  • Why there’s a difference in the price between certain models?

    Price depends on difficulty level of each model and effort needed to access certain areas to carry out all of the necessary procedures to tint windows in your car.

  • Can you do call-outs?

    Unfortunately not, we only provide our services in our designated garage in North Belfast.

  • I can get my windows tinted for much cheaper than the price you offer.

    We make sure that materials we use are top quality so we choose only top brands in the industry for durability, aesthetics and guarantee that it will not fade over time.

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